The Development of a Mini-Company is currently offered to Transition Year Students in conjunction with the Local Enterprise Office. Fourth year students are the main contributors to this project. The mini company is a very rewarding project. The idea of the project is for a group to come together, think of a creative enterprise by providing a product or service, market this good, and sell it to the target audience, hoping to make a profit.

The mini company group can contain as many people as desired but only 5 will be able to represent the team at the Student Enterprise Awards competition. Within the school year the mini companies group holds a trade fair in the school in which they can market and sell the goods or services they have come up with. It is an excellent opportunity to see what the enterprise and business world is like.

The benefits to students of having the opportunity to take part in the TY Mini-Company programme is far reaching. The programme creates a learning environment designed to help develop skills and abilities in students that will enhance the overall mission and aims of Transition Year. The objective is to encourage enterprise and initiative.

The programme focuses on:

  • Personal Development: students develop personality traits such as responsibility, leadership, confidence, self-reliance, and creativity
  • Skills Acquisition: Students participating in the programme develop general, technical and academic skills
  • Experience of Adult Working Life: Students will experience the success and failures of their Mini-Company venture through simulating a “real-life” experience, from setting up the company to winding it down


Students are also given the opportunity to enter other National Competitions such as:

  • Junior Achievement Awards
  • Dragon’s Den Awards
  • Get Up And Go Awards
  • Junior Spider Awards
  • Generation €uro Students' Award in conjunction with the Central Bank of Ireland & European Central Bank. The competition challenges students to learn about Monetary Policy instruments (Interest Rates)

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