Green-Schools in Ireland is operated and co-ordinated by the Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce (FEE member for Ireland), in partnership with Local Authorities throughout the country.

Green-Schools is a themed and seven-step programme.


1.Litter & Waste





6.Global Citizenship - Litter & Waste

7.Global Citizenship - Energy


2019 / 2020 


RCC is currently working on the Eighth Green Flag. This flag’s theme is Global Citizenship – Marine Health. As with previous Global Citizenship themes this is a maintenance theme which means we must continue working on Litter and Waste, Water, Travel, Energy and Biodiversity.

Embracing the Global Citizenship – Marine Health theme enables us to discover how work on the Green Schools programme positively influences environments worldwide while focusing work on our oceans and seas.

It is our aim in RCC to go “one use plastic” free and therefore reduce the amount of plastic we are responsible for finding its way through our waterways and into the seas and oceans.

This year, we have installed water fountains throughout the school premises and encourage staff and students to refill reusable bottles at these points. The water is free and, as reusable bottles are relatively cheap, , this system is both economically and environmentally friendly. Also, glitter has been banned in the Art room and students are encouraged to use pencils instead of plastic markers.

Global Citizenship is extremely important to all of us in the RCC and we are aware that we are responsible for both our local and global environments. We are concerned about Climate Change and it is up to each and everyone of us to play our part locally and globally to help sustain our planet.